Winstones Slot

Winstones, meet the Winstones ….


If you like your online slots games to take on a slightly different look and feel to the traditional, then Winstone Slots is one of the best places to try out. It’s got a unique style, and enterprising list of features and a real prominence in the online slots world at the moment. When you add in the cool Stone Age format to the game, you also get a fine homage to the fast paced world of gambling inside a totally unique personality and theme.

The game is quick, it’s enjoyable and very easy to learn – from the Winstone Casino being an available bonus level to the mammoth symbol that can change the entire format and direction of your online slots game that night you have all the opportunities in the world to win big and really walk away from the Stone Age back into the future with a nice cash win behind you. If you have been searching for a home on the online slots circuit, then there might not be too many better than here.

In fact, one of the few features that this game does not make the most of is the progressive jackpot. If you need one of these active to make it feel worth your while, then you might want to look elsewhere. However, the massive swell of cool features on top of the bonuses, the free spins and the multipliers might just help you make up for that. There’s plenty of fun to be had when you play with Winstone Casino so ensure that you give it a whirl at one point.

It’s got that unique charm that can be hard to be found in such a competitive environment, so when you are looking for a great place to have fun and just relax with Winstones slot machine could be the one for you. The wild symbols that can appear when you are playing are both the Casino and the Resort, which also act as one of the popular bonus rounds.

The Scatter symbol is the mammoth which can make a huge difference to your potential earning capacity when you are playing the game. It can help you hit some really positive, potentially lucrative multipliers if your luck pays out – it’s all worth a shot when you are gaming with online slots! This is one of the best low-risk games and offers some of the more consistent payout rates. If you like to take the edge off of your gaming, then this can be a good place to play –I t’s competitive and its fun but it’s not going to leave you flat our broke!